Eagles Wings Home Improvement Services is especially suited to provide go to market services for your home.  We can perform basic general repairs and painting, to addressing deficiencies in inspection reports, to full on remodels.  We have tried and true licensed electricians, HVAC and plumbers available when they're needed and can save you time.  Let us help you ease the stress of getting your home ready for market or to move in.  We can help make your home be the apple in your prospective buyer's eyes, or refreshed and suited to your tastes if you are buying.

Services Include

·       Window Replacement/Screening/Board Up

·       Appliance Installation / Repair

·       Replace Flooring

·       Painting

·       Remodel

·       Winterization

·       Inspection Report Item Repair

·       Lock Change

·       Debris Removal

·       Make Ready Maid Service

·       Landscaping / Yard Services

·       Boarding/ Securing Services

·       Pest Control(Servicesprovided by McD’s Pest Services, LLC)